Bear Hunting Seasons

As earlier stated, Unit #17 has a real liberal season for Brown Bear. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game office in Dillingham has exhausted just about every avenue trying to promote Brown Bear hunting here. They are now offering an earlier season opener that starts August 20th and does not close until the following spring on May 31st to coincide with the moose calving season. Along with this nonresidents can also shoot 2 bears on their hunt. The bears that live on the Nushagak River (specifically big boars) are moose killers. There is no denying the fact that they enjoy the salmon season and benefit greatly from it, as short as it is. However, it is the moose that make up the bulk of their diet along with grasses, berries and beaver.

Bear Habitat

When hunting these giants, I am looking for areas along the river that can sustain a bear for a lifetime, which can exceed 20 years plus. The areas have to have close access to open meadows and lots of beaver and hold a healthy moose population. The areas generally are associated with islands that may run 2 miles long, which the moose use during calving season. There are two times out of the year that boars really target moose.

One is spring time after they come out of hibernation and the other is fall when the moose are rutting. Over the years of living on the river I have been able to keep track of the big bears that I hunt by simply finding huge tracks and then scouting the area to establish the boars home or core area. After I identify a large bear I keep hunting it until we get it. Rarely do they ever leave their core areas, which makes a guides job a lot easier.

Hunting Areas

As a client when you book an alaska brown bear hunt with me you can expect to be hunting at least two different areas that we have found big bears in, greatly stacking the odds for your success. It makes all the work that you as the hunter will be putting in a lot easier when you know that you are not just trying to get a bear but rather a large bear. Knowing that we have already found you a big bear in two or more locations before you even arrive is a huge bonus.

It is hard to contain the excitement when you have found a moose kill in a big boar’s area, knowing full well that now it is just a matter of time before he shows up and offers you the chance of a life time to take one of God’s awesome super predators at close range.