Booking Procedures & Info







Hunting Deposits

I ask a 50% down payment to confirm your hunt, and an additional 50% sixty days before your scheduled hunt. Please make the last payment in cash, traveler’s checks or cashiers check. You may pay for the initial down payment by personal check or by wire. For wire information please call or email me. Down payments are a commitment to the hunt, both on the part of the outfitter and the hunter. They are not refundable or transferable unless you can provide another hunter to take your spot.

All information applies to the areas that Alaska Premier Outfitters hunt and fish. Every hunt is complete and includes transportation to and from local airports, transportation in the field, personal guide, all trophy care, fully equipped camps, and meals. We are not responsible for your hunting license, tags, personal gear, firearms and ammunition.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals please take note; you are now required to have an import permit to bring your firearms into the USA. It takes about 60 days to obtain the permit. Your travel agent should book commercial flights to Alaska.


Over the years I have taken many animals out of the field and am proud that I have maintained a clean record. I, and all who are employed by me, follow Alaska’s regulations to the letter. The rules of fair chase are taken seriously and you will never hunt the same day you fly.

Equipment Lists

Once you book a hunting or fishing trip we will provide for you an equipment list, information on local hotels, local bed and breakfasts, air taxi companies and anything else you might need to make your trip as convenient as possible. You can also view our recommended equipment list on this page.

Special Needs

If you have medical problems or require special needs tell us in advance so we can plan accordingly and try to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

After the Hunt

After your hunt is over you may be moved to another location, if you are planning on taking a second or third trophy. If not, your guide will call for a “pick up” and soon after (depending on weather) will be flown back to the “point of operation” were you can enjoy hot showers and wholesome meals and wait for your departing flight back home.

Trophy Care

Once successful and your animal has been taken care of, I recommend that you leave your trophy with us. You will find it to be more convenient and less expensive if we take care of this at the end of the season. Trophies left with us will be delivered to an expediter for shipment to the destination of your choice. Once the expediter receives your trophy they will then contact and invoice you directly for all handling and transporting expenses.

Physical Considerations

Your physical abilities will dictate how mobile you will be once in the field. All of my guides are athletes and true Alaskan hunters. Try as you might, you can be certain that he will never be out walked. That being said, it is important for you to understand that we will always control the pace of the hunt according to your abilities. I have never understood the rationale behind a guide who out walks his client. It’s important that you and your guide establish a friendship right away and work together at a common goal.

I have minimized the amount of effort that you will have to expend by placing you in great hunting areas close to where you are camped. However I’m not trying to give you the impression that you will shoot your trophy from your cabin, although occasionally this does happen. I’m saying,: take the time and effort to get yourself in the best physical condition that you can. It will pay off huge dividends during your time hunting and you will be proud of all you have achieved at the end your hunt.


When selecting a rifle for your Alaskan adventure the .300 Win. is by far a great choice for sheep, caribou and moose. The 7mm. Rem. is just as good in my opinion and makes for a perfect all around caliber. When hunting Brown Bear the .375 H&H is the rifle made for hunting this animal. More guides in Alaska carry the .375 H&H over any other rifle. Why? Because it hurts Brown Bears. There are a lot of calibers that will work up here but these are the calibers that have been proven over the decades.

When sighting in your rifle keep in mind that a bench is only for fine tuning the accuracy of the rifle and does nothing more to aid you in taking game. When you are satisfied with the performance from the bench, take time to shoot in different positions: standing up, free style, over a pack, etc. It is up to you to determine what the rifle can do after you finish with the bench. You might spend days in search of the trophy you came to hunt, but it will only be a matter of minutes and sometimes seconds for you to make your shot count, so come prepared.