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Experience: My Most Valuable Asset

There is no way one can put a value on Experience. Whether you book a hunt with me or not the first question you should ask any Outfitter in Alaska is, how long have you been in operation? If the answer that you get back is less then ten years, you are taking a chance on what could be the hunting trip of your life. There is just no way that anyone could possibly claim to know what they are doing with confidence in less time. Alaska is just too big.

It takes years to get to know an area and the behavior of the animals that live in it. To honestly sell anyone a hunting trip with any real chance of success an Outfitter must first spend time in the field going through the trials and tribulations that each hunt hands you. I have been blessed with working for some of the best Outfitters in this state, men with thirty years plus under their belts. I am always amazed at how much more I have learned and a better understanding of the true definition of “Outfitting.”

Over the years I have been fortunate to have hunted with some great individuals. Some I have maintained a friendship with and some have become part of my personal memories. All are the reason why I choose to lace up my boots grab my pack and head for the hills every season.

After the hunt is over some of my clients feel the need to express themselves through follow-up letters. I have chosen to share some of them with you below. Please take a moment to read through some of their testimonials and opinions about hunting and fishing with Alaska Premier Outfitters. You can also read my autobiography here.
— Jason Mogen


John Netiner

On the first day of the hunt Jason and I hunted Caribou, within the first two hours he spotted and stalked and successfully shot a real nice bull. We hunted for the next six days for a bull moose, on the sixth day we spotted a great bull down in the creek bottom, Jason called the bull in but I was not able to get a shot off and the bull turned and went away. I was sick; Jason grabbed my pack and assured me this bull was not going to get away. I followed him down the creek running all the way. We stopped and Jason started calling and within minutes he had the bull right in front of me for a second time and I shot a great bull. I hope to hunt with Jason again in the future.

William F. Ross

From the beginning I knew this was going o be a good hunt.Jason was always on time and ready to go, On the seventh day, Jason spotted a herd of sheep with a nice Ram. We spent almost all day getting in position. When we were in position to make the shot, Jason had gotten me to within fifty yards of the ram. Jason made that hunt for me. His planning surely had paid off. I would recommend Jason as a guide to anyone who cares to have a good time and have a great hunt. More then that, of I am fortunate enough to go on another hunt to Alaska , I’ll schedule Jason for my guide. I have a nice Ram on my wall and feel it’s because of Jason’s knowledge and planning.

Mark Megazzi

When I first met Jason on that raining day, I instantly knew that I was lucky in being paired with this enthusiastic, hard working individual. I have been on several guided sheep and big game hunts previous and past and can honestly say that Jason was one of the top guides that I have been associated with. After I harvested my Ram I was equally impressed with his knowledge of photography, camping, and packing of meat. I consider myself to be in very good physical condition, but Jason is one individual that doesn’t wear out and keeps at your pace, not wanting to push. In closing, I can honestly say that Jason is a great guide and can be considered to be an excellent representation to the industry.

Michael J. Torres

I have hunted extensively in Alaska , British Columbia , Northwest Territories , the lower 48 states and Africa . I feel confident in recommending Jason as one of the best guides I have used in the last 3 decades. Jason handled the horse string on our wilderness hunt, setup camp, prepared al meals, knew how to stalk and spot game, was able to judge trophy quality, put me on several good Rams, handled all trophy preparation, and gave 100% effort all the time. Jason would be an asset to any hunting operation and I hope to hunt with him again.

Paul A. Heady, Jr.

I collected a very nice trophy and Jason handled and prepared the Ram for a full body mount. Jason has excellent skills in quietly keeping the hunt running smoothly. I have hunted extensively on the three continents and Jason met all my needs as a guide and exceeded my expectations.

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