Traveling to Alaska from anywhere in the US should be fairly easy and with a little advanced planning, relatively inexpensive. You have a couple of different options at your disposal. One, you can use a travel agent to help you with your flights or two, you can do your own flight bookings through a number of search engines over the web, like or Doing this yourself, you may find a cheaper rate or times that are more accommodating to your schedule. Whichever route you choose you will be flying into Anchorage. From that point you will want to use to fly directly into Dillingham or Ekwok from Anchorage. These companies have different times that they fly throughout each day.

Dena’ina Air Taxi

Josh Jacko owns & operates this air taxi company his office and hanger is located at 1000 Merril Field Dr. in Anchorage 99501 ( Merril Field Airport). He has a twin engine plane that will carry 10 passengers plus bags and cargo. His service area includes all three villages along the Nushagak River including Ekwok and he generally makes one flight per day in the off season and twice per day during the busy season. This is a direct flight from Anchorage that typically takes 1 1/12 hours with maybe one stop. This is a little cheaper then flying to Dillingham then boarding a second plane and flying to Ekwok also more convenient as you only need to move your luggage once and very scenic.

Alaska Airlines

If you choice to fly with Alaska Airlines/PenAir from Anchorage to Dillingham you will be departing directly from Ted Stevens Airport. You will then need to board a smaller plane (Mulchatna Air) and fly 20 minutes up the Nushagak River were we will greet you and move you into our facilities. This flight typically cost around $200.00 round trip. Depending on weather, the next step will be to load the gear and camp in the float plane or jet boats and head out to our hunting grounds where you will be until successful or the hunt is over. All of this will most likely take place the day after you arrive in Dillingham or Ekwok.

Mulchatna Air in Dillingham

Mulchatna Air will pick you up from the Dilingham airport and load your gear into a Cessna 206 and fly you out to the village of Ekwok. Where I will greet you at the local air strip, load your things, and take you to our fishing quarters. If you need to purchase a fishing license you can do this in Dillingham at the local grocery stores or L&M Hardware Supply store before you fly out to Ekwok. Mulchatna Air has a taxi service and will be accommodating with any of your questions or concerns.