Game Management Units

The first step in “booking” a hunting or fishing trip to Alaska is to narrow your options down to a specific area that you want to go. This will largely depend on the animal that you have chosen to hunt. Alaska is broken up into 26 Game Management Units. To aid you in this decision you can contact us or the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and request a copy of the current hunting regulations, in there you will find that the State has all 26 units listed with information about each unit and the game that is available to hunt along with a map of each unit.

Unit 17

I have guided in many of the “best” area’s through out the State and have found that unit 17 offers many of the trates that an outfitter looks for in a hunting area. This unit has vast area’s of wilderness, mountains, rolling hills, huge lakes and healthy rivers and streams for many animals to call home. The moose populations are very healthy and this area supports an average spread on the bulls of 59.6″ along with this is the Mulchatna Caribou herd the largest in the State and hundreds of outstanding bulls.

When it comes to Alaska Brown Bear Hunts, unit 17 has proven over the years that you don’t have to fly down to the Alaska Peninsula and spend $16,000 — $18,000 to shoot a big bear. All five species of salmon run up the local rivers and lakes to spawn every year providing a health supply of rich food for bears to feed on and aid them in growing big and fast!

Hunting Areas

There are two area’s that I specifically hunt, one is the Wood Tik-Chik State Park and the other is the Nushagak River were I live. The State Park is made up of Mountains and about a dozen large lakes that are about 2 miles wide and up to 20 miles long this is big country and great hunting. The Nushagak River runs from the Bering Sea inland about 200 miles. The river for the most part runs north and south and is located approximately 40 miles to the east of the State Park the northern end of this river flows through a large mountain range. Here is were all five species of salmon spawn and moose, caribou and brown bear are plentiful.

I hope this has helped you narrow down your area in which you want to hunt or fish. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me by email or call.