King Salmon Fishing



Spectacular Fishing

Salmon fishing on the Nushagak River is nothing short of spectacular. I can’t think of any other river that offers the avid fishermen such a diversified opportunity to catch fish.

Located about thirty miles up the “world famous” Nushagak River, above the confluence of the Bering Sea, is a small native village called Ekwok. Here is where we live and here the people have survived off the land for decades hunting and fishing in their traditional ways. This is where we operate our fish camp throughout the summer months.

Chinook King Salmon

When you book a fishing trip with APO you become part of an elite group of anglers that we take each season to our camp. All five species of salmon make their way up the river throughout different times of the summer. We specifically target Chinook “King” Salmon and when the run is hot our anglers can expect to catch one hundred or more of these rod busting fish per boat each day. At the end of the day you can expect hearty meals, hot showers, warm beds with a roof over your head and even a steam bath if you prefer, to loosen up your arms for the next day.

The mighty “Kings” are the first salmon to enter the river. Arriving in Ekwok around June 10th by June 25th the river is full of fish and it stays that way until around July 15th, however by this time the fish have turned blush or soft red. As the “Kings” make their way up the river system so do the “pinks”, “chum” and “reds” in vast numbers.

Coho Salmon

Coho or “silver” salmon are the last to come up the river. We see these acrobatic and explosive fighting fish around August 10th and by the 20th the river is full of silvers. By this time of the year the river has dropped due to the warm summers and it really keeps the fish concentrated along the banks and main channels. Standing on the shore or wading out to your hips is the preferred way of fishing, however anchoring up or drifting with a boat can be just as effective.

Prime Fishing Spots

Operating above the congested waters of the lower river where other outfitters fight off each other for prime fishing spots allows us to provide for our clients a relatively non-competitive environment. Living in a true Alaskan native village for a week gives our clients a greater appreciation for how these people live their lives. Whether it’s listening to elders tell hunting stories or watching the women cleaning and hanging fish on the shore of the river, you leave Ekwok with an experience that you will talk about for the rest of your life. Not only is the fishing great but we think it is the over-all experience that really sets the stage for a fun trip.