Moose Hunts

$25,000 ($5k trophy fee on brown bear)
Unit 17
September 5-15

This can be a great  combination hunt for the hunter who is looking to take more than just a moose. You can expect to get a chance at both of these animals on this hunt more so if the temperatures are low and river levels are normal. The client can purchase an over the counter Brown Bear tag along with Moose tag and if the opportunity presents itself to take a Brown Bear he/she can take it for a $5k trophy fee, if bear isn’t taken you are only out the tag.
There’s no guarantee you’ll shot a 10 ft bear but you will have an opportunity to take a nice brown bear. The bull’s in this area average a true 60″ spread and I have taken several over 65″. We use jet boats to access this area and it makes short work of moving a couple miles up & down the small streams. I only offer several of these hunts every season and myself with long time friend Mike , Chad & Todd my brothers along with Joseph do all the guiding.