Brown Bear

April 15 – October 15
Unit 16 Baited hunt. Nonresident can take 2nd bear for $5,000 trophy fee.
Nonresident can take up to 3 Black Bear on $2,000 Trophy Fee.
Unit 17 Brown Bear hunts available.

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Unit 17 has the most liberal season for hunting brown bear in fact now there is a 2 bear limit for nonresidents. Along with that the fall season opens 20 days earlier and stays open 5 days longer in the spring to coincide with the moose calving season.

I access the fall and spring hunts with jet boats and hunt the hills that run along the river along with the back creeks. All five species of salmon spawn in this area so there is allot of opportunity in finding bears along the river or up in the hills were they feed on berries. Early spring hunts are done in this same area and I access it using snow machines. These hunts are reasonably priced because I just don’t have the overhead that other outfitters have, it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the size of bears that I am taking as we have taken many huge bears out of this area. Primary means of transportation on the early hunt is with snow machines. (see Bear Facts for more info.)

Moose / Brown Bear Combo

$20,000 ($5k trophy fee on brown bear)

Unit 16 Sept. 19-28 (rut)

Moose Only Hunt

$18,000 ($5k trophy fee on brown bear)

Unit 17 Sept 5-15

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This is a great combination hunt! You can expect to get a chance at both of these animals on this hunt more so if the temperatures are low, in fact I quit offering just moose hunts because we see so many bears during the moose season that it seems senseless not to actively hunt both animals.

There’s no guarantee you’ll shot a 10 ft bear but you will have an opportunity to take a nice brown bear. The bull’s in this area average a true 60″ spread and I have taken several over 65″. We use jet boats to access this area and it makes short work of moving a couple miles up & down the small streams. I only offer several of these hunts every season and myself with long time friend Mike , Chad & Todd my brothers along with Joseph do all the guiding.

Wolf / Trapping Hunt

$5000 per person

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This is a 5 day fully guided & outfitted trapping/wolf hunt that takes place in Unit 17 along the Nushagak River were I live. If adventure is what your after then this is the hunt for you. We use snowmobile’s to run our wolf snare lines and to check wolverine and lynx sets that have been put out prior to the client(s) arrival.

March is my favorite time of the year as the days are long and warm and there is allot of snow on the ground letting us go were ever we want. Each client gets the chance to take home a wolf ,wolverine, lynx. These are the top fur animals that everyone wants to get but few actually do, unless you are on a hunt like this one.

We us outpost cabins that are equipped with wood stoves and are close to good ice fishing lakes.

Nonresident Info

Nonresidents can shoot 10 wolves per day. 1 wolverine and 1 lynx per year. Nonresident hunting/trapping license is $250 along with wolf tags that sell for $30 per tag and a wolverine tag for $175.

King Salmon Fishing

$2,500.00 / 5 days/ per person

Silver Salmon Fishing

$2000.00 / 5 days / per person

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This is a five day trip that takes place on the “world famous” Nuchugak River . We can accommodate up to six anglers for each five day allotment. Fishing “Kings” on the Nushagak is consistently spectacular. You can expect a lot of action from these fish. The run is at its peak this time of year and we plan accordingly.

The rainbow’s and grayling are nice and fat from feeding on Salmon eggs all summer and you often catch them by accident when “working” Kings. There are several secondary streams that are spawning grounds for “Reds,” “Pinks,” and “Chums” that you can take advantage of when you need a break from the king action.